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Swisher & Associates, L.L.C. is a commercial credit advisory firm committed to the pursuit of quality and excellence in client services.

We are headquartered in Austin, Texas USA with Global Credit Resources

We provide our clients with expert commercial credit advice utilizing an interactive online network of commercial credit-trained private investigators, fraud examiners and creditors’ rights attorneys.

We are a multi-disciplinary firm with a primary emphasis in the recovery of large balanced commercial accounts receivables through an expeditious process of investigation, fraud examination, and litigation.

Our professional management team of visionary entrepreneurs is comprised of high-tech commercial collection industry experts and support staff.

Our Services


Conducting the due diligence on potential commercial credit investments is not an "if", but a "how". Our comprehensive risk management services allow commercial creditors and private equity/venture capital investors to better measure the qualitative risk in any given investment scenario.



We understand that commercial debt recovery requires a strategic approach paired with firm professionalism. With over 25 years of experience and over $300 million in gross recoveries, our team is skilled at swiftly collecting on delinquent accounts.



When a business is faced with financial distress, our team of professional investigators and negotiators take over and immediately institute diplomatic yet highly assertive communications with commercial creditors in order to assist your business back on track to long term financial solvency.


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Disclaimer: No part of this website or any communication from Swisher & Associates, LLC is to be construed as legal, accounting or investment advice. Swisher & Associates, LLC is a commercial credit services firm and is not a law, accounting or investment advisory firm. Should you seek legal, accounting or investment advice please consult a licensed professional in your appropriate jurisdiction.